Refugee Project Con Ami

Helping refugees to cope with crisis and grief

In May 2016 Young Supporters launched this open forum for refugees and foreign guests who found a new home in our region. Everyone is welcome. We offer you an opportunity to talk about your experience, to share your feelings, to express your emotions. Our team will look after you individually and they are working with creative means like painting, body motion and music.

You lost your home, your very own culture and language. We are open to listening to you and we have the means to help you cope with these losses.

Our 8-week seminar (2hrs, 1x/week) will not only inform you about our country and the German culture to help you understand and integrate. Our emphasis is to offer professional coaching by experienced therapists. We will work with you to overcome the severe experience of violence, war and being forced to leave your home and family behind. And we will support you to get your strength back for a good and healthy future.

Our seminars are open for:

Children ages 6 – 13
Young Adults

In addition, we offer individual sessions for refugee trauma therapy.

Please contact us at: or
Phone 02065 – 90133 417